Please don't send money to private (Tanzanian) people; our guides do not sell safaris!

Your safari in Tanzania with Karako African Adventure will be composed and managed by Tanzanian friends and volunteers abroad who all have many years of safari experience with guests from all over the world. We've worked at several safari companies and after many years we decided to collaborate by establishing a charity fund. Our charity fund is registered in Tanzania (and in Holland) with the main objective to educate the underserved youth in Tanzania.

For your safari in Tanzania the lunch packages (from Arusha) will be prepared by local single mothers to help them improve their income.

Not only the charity makes us different, also the fact that we help local people and children and that we give our guests a lot of service. For example if our guests need a phone card or Deet, our host buys it for you and hands it over to you - at costprice - as soon as you arrive at the airport.


Our guesthouse


If you like we can offer you an overnight - for a very good price - at our guesthouse in Arusha or Kisongo. Of course you're always welcome, also without a safari in Tanzania. Karibu!

We drive with 4x4 safari cars of which the roofs can be opened, and we have no limits on driving kilometers and water during the safari. Our safaris are including breakfast, lunch and dinner during the safari.

Every safari of Karako African Adventure will be custom made, based on your budget and wishes. The possibilities are endless. We combine many years of travel experience, exceptional guides, love for our country and attention to every detail. Whatever your interest is, we can make it happen. We create the experience, you create the memories!



Karako African Adventure is a charity foundation; the profit we make on safaris and climbings will directly be utilized for the education of the underserved youth in Tanzania or saved to buy a piece of land for a new school building in the future.

Please help us to support the education of the underserved youth in Tanzania!

P.O. Box 12535, Arusha

Phone: +255787663777 (Tanzania)

           +31627124777 (Holland)

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