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Mount Meru

Mount Meru is located in the heart of Arusha National Park and it is 50 miles west of Mount Kilimanjaro. Mt. Meru is a massive volcano reaching 14,980 feet (4,565 meters). This 3 or 4 days trek serves as an ideal warm up for Mount Kilimanjaro due to its altitude acclimatization and hiking distances. This trek is also geared towards hikers that prefer less crowds and a challenging ascent.

Because Mount Meru is located in Arusha National Park, hikers must climb with an armed ranger due to the wide range of wildlife living on the mountain. On the lower slopes of the mountain, hikers are more likely to see elephants, giraffes, and buffalo! As hikers continue their ascents, the trail follows the north rim of the volcano’s crater along a dramatic ridge line. Throughout the climb, hikers sleep in designated huts along the trail. Hikers reach the summit as the sun is rising and they will have spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro and of the Mount Meru Crater.


Mount Meru is 40 minutes driving from Arusha. The best time to climb Mount Meru is from Juni till February although it may rain in November. The best views of Kilimanjaro you'll see from December till February.


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Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, a country in East Africa. The mountain Size is 1668 sq km /641 sq miles and its one of the seven summits (the highest peaks on each of the seven continents) Mt kilimanjaro rises 5,895 meters or 19,340 feet above sea level. It is a dormant volcano , Its last eruption was 200 – 300 years ago. Comprised of three cones – Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. The highest point is on the Kibo cone, and is named Uhuru , which means freedom in Swahili. 


The best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro are January, February, August and September but any time between January and October (except the end of March-June) is reasonable a good time to climb. Most important is safety, being able to enjoy the hike and have a great experience.


Lemosho route


Mt kilimanjaro climb via Lemosho route takes from 6 days to 8 days , The more days the better as it gives the body more time to acclimatize hence increasing better chances of reaching to the summit.

The Lemosho route is one of the most beautiful, scenic route on Mt Kilimanjaro ascent. we consider it one of our favorite routes as it has less traffic, amazing landscape views and high summit success rate as the ascent is gradual.


Machame route

This is probably the most beautiful route up Mt Kilimanjaro. Machame route, also known as the 'Whiskey route' is our most successful and popular hiking route on Mt. Kilimanjaro. All your equipment and supplies are portered and a cook prepares all your meals while on the mountain. Where accommodation on the Marangu route is in huts, the Machame route offers strictly tents only. Every day is a new day with a new scenary and vegetation zone. The Machame route is normally completed in a minimum of 6 days.


Marangu route


Marangu route, also known as the 'Coca-Cola route' is the most popular route. The trek begins in the south-east area of the mountain at Marangu Gate. It's the cheapest route, also because the route can be finished in 5 days.


Rongai route

The Rongai route ascends Mt Kilimanjaro from the north-eastern side of the mountain, along the border between Tanzania and Kenya. This route retains a sense of unspoilt wilderness and offers a different perspective on Kilimanjaro by approaching it from the north. From the alluring summit of Uhuru Peak (5895m) we will have amazing and staning 360° views of the surrounding plain​.


Umbwe route


The Umbwe route is one of the shortest routes to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach and its the most challenging route on Mt Kilimanjaro.

Approaching from the south, the Umbwe route is a short, steep and direct climb.

It is probably the most scenic, non-technical route on Kilimanjaro. It is quite taxing, primarily due to the relatively fast ascent to higher altitude, but the rewards are plentiful. Due to the fast ascension to high altitude, this route does not provide the necessary stages for acclimatization. Although the traffic on this route is very low, the chances of success are also low.


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